Q: How will you accomplish the nature preservation campaigns?

A: No shady donations, no corporate deals - when we want something done we do it ourselves. We have an in-house team that is always on standby. The community decides what, where and how we will change the world via pools and fee distribution reserves. Once the preservation campaign starts the progress is shared live with the community via socials and on the homepage of solidarity.solutions.

Q: Does the community get any recognition for its addition to the campaigns?

A: Yes! Private sale or private deal contributors, if agreed, will have their initials, name, or nickname marked in the movement via documented or physically embodied monuments.

Q: What are the private sale prices?

A: We offer tokens at 0.15$ per token with a vesting contract of 3 months and 0.20$ per token without one.

Q: What currencies are accepted?

A: We accept USDC, USDT, ETH, BTC, SOL.

Q: What does the token distribution look like?

A: In total there will be 160 million tokens minted and distributed accordingly: 5% Team, 20% Token sales, 20% liquidity, 15% Farms and Staking, 25% Solidarity ecosystem, 15% Treasury.

Q: On what exchanges are you going to list?

A: We are currently in contact with a second-tier CEX, more information TBA.

Q: What about public distribution?

A: Before listing, we will have a 4 stage IEO for all of those who missed out on private sales.

Q: What are private deals?

A: Private deals are available after private sales. Private deals are meant for all who want to contribute to the project and nature preservation campaigns directly and in larger sums. Private deal contributors get a custom price depending on the market price of the token.
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